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Visa applicants 

Update on NSW 190 nomination applications – October intake

We are currently assessing applications lodged in October and aim to finalise these applications within 12 weeks. 

Applications can only be processed once all required information has been provided. The 12 week processing period starts on receipt of a complete application.  

If you have an application currently under assessment and have been requested to provide additional information or payment, you should action this request as soon as possible. Instructions will be contained in correspondence sent to you.

Your prompt provision of any outstanding information or payment will enable your application to be finalised. 

We ask that applicants refrain from enquiring about the status of their application and whether information has been received. This will enable us to efficiently assess the remaining cases and finalise applications as quickly as possible.

For more information on the October intake, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions – October 2014.

NSW Nominated Skilled Migration Program – October Update 

The October intake has reached the cap of 1,000 and it is closed.  The October intake was capped at 1,000 applications to ensure the annual cap is not exceeded. 

NSW has now written to all prospective applicants who successfully submitted an application in the 22 October intake.  These applications will now be assessed and applicants will be contacted directly in due course. Applicants who have had receipt of their application confirmed but still need to supply additional information, attachments or complete full payment will be contacted directly as their case progresses through to assessment. 

NSW is a highly competitive destination for skilled migrants and as such, demand for NSW nomination under this visa program far exceeds the number of places available. In recognition of ongoing high demand and to ensure that places allocated under the program are well-balanced and aligned to the skills needs of the state's economy, NSW is continuing to implement operational and policy reforms. The application process will open again in February 2015. This will be after an analysis of the intakes to date which will determine the approach to future intakes. Information on future intakes will be posted on the website in January 2015. 

NSW anticipates nominating another 2,000 applicants between February-June 2015. 

This program is one of many visa options and NSW encourages potential applicants to explore alternative pathways as the program will not be able to accommodate all eligible candidates.

NSW Migration Strategy – Supporting the NSW economy
State Nomination Program for the 190 visa for 2014-15

The Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa ("the 190 visa") is a points-tested permanent visa for eligible skilled workers who are nominated by a state or territory government.

NSW Trade & Investment runs the skilled nomination program for the 190 visa in order to attract highly skilled migrants in a range of occupations to contribute to the state's medium to long term skill needs.

For the 2014-15 program year, NSW Trade & Investment will nominate up to 4,000 skilled workers for the 190 visa, and has implemented the following process to maximise the program's effectiveness, flexibility and responsiveness to the need of the NSW economy:

  • Applications for nomination are accepted through staggered intakes in the program year.  NSW anticipates nominating approximately 2,000 eligible applicants from July-December 2014.  NSW anticipates nominating another 2,000 applicants in intakes run from February-June 2015.
  • Applications must be lodged through the NSW online application system during each intake. Paper applications are not accepted.
  • Assessment of an applicant's eligibility for nomination is based on the NSW State Skilled Occupation List - Skilled Migration and other policy requirements set by NSW Trade & Investment. All relevant requirements are published on this website.
  • NSW Trade & Investment closely monitors the program, and may adjust the eligibility criteria prior to each intake to ensure that the program meets the skill needs of the NSW economy. NSW may limit the number of applications from certain occupations in each round in order to ensure a fair and balanced program. This may be decided during the course of each intake as applications are received;
  • As eligibility requirements may change from time to time, applicants should ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria in place at the time that they submit their application. This is the criteria that applications will be assessed against.

Intakes in 2014-15

NSW will stagger intakes for 190 nomination applications in 2014-15:


Intake status

Number of places offered
July 2014 Closed 1000 places
October 2014 Closed 1000 places
February - June 2015 To be confirmed 2000 places

Update – October 2014 intake

NSW opened the second intake for Skilled Nominated program on 22 October 2014.  Due to high demand, the 1,000 quota was quickly reached and applications for the October intake have now closed. The next intake is scheduled for February 2015. Further details will be posted on this website closer to that time.

The nomination framework

The flowchart below illustrates the nomination and application process for the 190 visa.

Nomination and application process diagram for subclass 190 visa 

NSW nomination requirements

In order to be considered for nomination by NSW for the 190 visa, the applicant must:

  1. have been assessed by an authorised skills assessment body as suitably skilled in an occupation listed on the NSW State Skilled Occupation List - Skilled Migration for the 190 visa;
  2. demonstrate that they meet the relevant visa criteria set by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for the 190 visa, including age, English language and points test requirements;
  3. commit to living and working in NSW for at least the first two years after being granted the 190 visa; and
  4. lodge a valid application for nomination, including payment of the correct application fee.

It is the applicant's responsibility to conduct a self-assessment of their eligibility for nomination before lodging a nomination application, and to provide sufficient evidence to support their claims. Failure to lodge a complete application or failure to satisfy all nomination requirements can result in significant processing delays and/or an unfavourable outcome.

Note that all applicants must meet NSW nomination criteria – including occupation - that applies at the time that their application is submitted. Applicants who do not meet NSW criteria at time of application will be declined.  Applicants who apply in an occupation for which they do not have a positive skills assessment at the time the application is submitted will be automatically declined.  Application fees are non-refundable.

Applicants should not submit multiple applications. NSW reserves the right to decline to nominate applicants who lodge more than one application without reasonable explanation.

For detailed information about the 190 visa criteria, please refer to the DIBP website.

Application fee and payment method

For NSW nomination for the 190 visa, the application fee is:

  • for applicants outside Australia: $300;
  • for applicants in Australia: $330 (GST included).

Payment of the application fee will be required at the end of the online application process, and must be made by either Visa or MasterCard. Both credit cards and debit credit cards issued by Visa or MasterCard are accepted.

An application can only be considered for nomination after successful payment of the correct fee is made. Upon successful payment, a receipt containing the application's reference number will be sent to the applicant by email.

The application fee is not refundable.

For information on opportunities in regional NSW, please refer to NSW Skilled Regional Nominated Migration.

For information on migration opportunities for business and investor migrants, please refer to Business Migration.

To access the official guide for living and working in Sydney, please refer to Sydney: Your Future Starts Here

Applicants who lodged an application in the October intake but need to complete full payment will be contacted by their case officer when the case progresses through to assessment. Applicants will be provided the opportunity to complete payment at this time.  Please refrain from making general status enquiries, especially where an application is within the 12 week service standard. This will help us to focus on progressing through the caseload, and to finalise applications sooner.

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