Regional Opportunities

Map of regional NSW

Central Coast Central Coast
Central West and Orana Central West and Orana
Far West  Far West
Hunter Hunter
Illawarra Illawarra
Murray-Murrumbidgee  Murray-Murrumbidgee
New England-North West New England - North West
North Coast North Coast
South East and Tablelands  South East and Tablelands

Metropolitan Sydney Metropolitan Sydney
Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory

Metropolitan Sydney and Australian Capital Territory not included in Regional NSW 

Regional NSW is the largest and most diverse regional economy in Australia. It is home to about 2.9 million people, representing 41% of the NSW population and contributes around a third, or $138 billion to Gross State Product.

Capitalising on its rich natural resources, the agriculture and mining sectors are significant drivers of regional growth. Regional NSW is also underpinned by strong manufacturing, energy, visitor economy and service sectors. Increasingly integrated and evolving global markets provide new opportunities to leverage both existing and emerging competitive advantages.

Regional Opportunities

  1. Central Coast of NSW

    Central Coast

    With an 80km of coastline, the Central Coast is a ‘sea-change’ destination. Located about an hour from Sydney and Newcastle, its location offers a strategic position for business logistic operations and attracts a mobile workforce.

  2. Central West and Orana

    Located in the heart of NSW, the Central West and Orana is rich in natural resources. Agriculture and mining are key sectors, with agriculture a major employer particularly in rural areas.

  3. Far West

    Bordering Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, the long-established mining industry anchors the Far West. The agriculture sector is also a key economic driver of output and employment in the region, as the industry expands beyond traditional wool production.

  4. Hunter

    The Hunter region is the largest regional contributor to Gross State Product and recorded economic growth higher than the state average between 2006 and 2013.

  5. Illawarra

    One hour south of Sydney, the Illawarra region has significant economic infrastructure that facilitates trade and investment throughout the region.

  6. Murray-Murrumbidgee

    The Murray-Murrumbidgee region includes the Murray, Riverina and Murrumbidgee areas and is one of Australia's main food producing regions.

  7. New England-North West

    The New England-North West is home to a significant agricultural sector and allied food processing sector; sectors with close ties to the Professional Scientific and Technical Services Industries.

  8. North Coast

    The North Coast of NSW is a popular tourist destination with a visitor economy worth $2.4 billion and it is also home to the highest number of businesses in NSW.

  9. South East and Tablelands

    Bordering Sydney, the ACT and Victoria, the South East and Tablelands is underpinned by its strength in diverse industries. The region has experienced higher growth than the state average across 2006-2013.