Trade, Business and Investment


Encouraging business growth

Investment attraction

Assisting companies with investment in Sydney and NSW


Supporting international companies considering doing business in Sydney and NSW

State and regional development

Working with NSW businesses to promote competitiveness, investment and job creation

Exporting from NSW

Helping companies to grow their exports

NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer

Ensuring the State's research capacity keeps pace with the needs of NSW

Small Business Commissioner

Assisting small businesses in NSW and acting as an independent advocate

Cross-Border Commissioner

Providing advocacy for businesses, organisations and residents in border communities

Primary Industries, Food and Water


Working to improve the profitability, sustainability and skills of the agricultural sector


Protecting NSW from the impacts of pests, diseases and weeds

Crown lands management

Managing Crown lands and infrastructure


Developing, sharing and protecting NSW fisheries resources

Food Authority

Helping ensure food in NSW is safe and correctly labelled

Lake Illawarra Authority

Transforming a degraded lake into an attractive recreational and tourist resource

Land and Water Commissioner

Providing independent advice regarding exploration activities on Strategic Agricultural Land

Local Land Services

Bringing together a wealth of technical and advisory knowledge.

Marine Parks Authority

Balancing marine conservation with recreational and commercial interests

Rural Assistance Authority

Helping rural producers and small businesses in regional NSW

Soil Conservation Service

Environmental protection, land management and commercial services

Sydney Catchment Authority

Managing Sydney's drinking water catchments and infrastructure

Water, Office of

Leading policy and reform in sustainable water management

Food security Office of Agricultural Sustainability and Food Security

Provides independent, innovative and strategic advice

Mineral resources and energy


Implementing the NSW Government's biofuels program

Natural gas from coal seams

Informing the community about exploration, production and regulation


Ensuring reliable and sustainable energy supplies; safe and efficient energy services

Mineral resources

Facilitating safe and responsible mining and effective environmental management for minerals and petroleum industries

Geoscience information

Providing information and advice about the state's geology and mineral resources.

Resources and Energy Division

Driving sustainable economic growth across the state.

Tourism, major events, hospitality, racing & arts

Art Gallery of NSW

Presenting fine international and Australian art

Arts NSW

Providing arts and cultural policy development and funding

Australian Museum

Australia's leading natural and cultural history museum

Destination NSW

Marketing Sydney and NSW as premium tourism and major events destinations

Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority

Regulating casino, liquor and gaming machine activities

Liquor, gaming and racing

Regulating licensed venues, charitable fundraising and gambling activities

Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (Powerhouse Museum)

Understanding the development of technology

State Library of NSW

Internationally renowned library situated in the Sydney CBD

Screen NSW

Promoting creative excellence and commercial growth in film and television

Sydney Opera House

Australia's iconic live performance site