NSW Trade & Investment Strategic Plan 2012-2015

Strategic Plan 2012-2015
The first NSW Trade & Investment Strategic Plan sets the overarching direction of the department for the next four years. It articulates our vision and values, defines our key results, the intended outcomes, and the strategies we will put in place to achieve those outcomes.

NSW 2021 – A Plan to Make NSW Number One and the 2012-13 State Budget provide the framework for the NSW Trade & Investment Strategic Plan 2012-2015.  These two documents jointly lay out the Government’s priorities for the next ten years and the resources that underpin these priorities.

Importantly, the Strategic Plan reflects our department’s responsibilities under NSW 2021 which are to grow the NSW economy.

Reflecting our primary role as the lead economic development agency in NSW, the plan is divided into two business orientated result areas:

  • Result 1 – Increased investment and jobs; and
  • Result 2 – Positive business environment in NSW.

A focus for the NSW Government is the building of integrated, effective and efficient public sector agencies. The final result area captures the strategies aimed at improving the department’s staff capability, corporate governance, information management and decision making:

  • Result 3 – Excellence in client service and delivery.

For each result area, the plan defines our intended outcomes and strategies, and the key performance indicators against which we will assess our success over the coming years.

The values section of the Strategic Plan describes how we in the department interact with each other and with our stakeholders. The Strategic Plan identifies the core values for the public sector and the principles that guide their implementation taken directly from the Public Sector Employment and Management Act 2002.

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